Hello There!

Welcome to Tiaszon!!

(My Blog Haven)


How I found blogging:


My love of writing, researching and the joy of entertaining has brought me into the blogging community where I am certain you will find many things of interest. This is the place where I will share my likes, empowerment goals, and inspiration. Maybe even a few videos, informative tips and tricks, crafts and recipes, as well as snippets from my daily life. They say, ‘Varity is the spice of life’, and you’ll for sure get a little of this and a little of that here. So return often for on-goings and updates.


A Name is Just a Name


Quite a few people have asked how the name “Tiaszon” came into being…

A close family member, since we were young adults, had used the last letters of my first name as a kind of ‘nickname’ for me, Tia. 


Then I was going through various blogs one day and a lady had ‘ipedia’ at the end of her blog name, I thought that unique, so I thought on it for a time, and I always like looking toward the future, so I added ‘zon’ to the end of ‘tia’ then added an ‘s’ in the middle and created the word ‘Tiaszon.’


Future of Tiaszon:


Like the words Horizon, or Emblazon –I hope I can emblazon your horizon with great and informative things to help you build a site to be proud of. I truly believe this site will bring you many hours of fun and maybe a laugh or two – sometimes maybe even a tear (only good ones) but what is here, my hope, is to be enjoyed. 


I love good quotes and you will probably be seeing many disbursed throughout my site quite frequently – if you have favorites, please share in the comments or feedback sections. I am always interested in seeing them.


May you have fun, be enlightened, and enjoy your time here, and do come back often.


Thanks for visiting!