T102 – Laying There

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So, I bought my domain name and got hosting for it through Host Gator on 3-16-16.

I felt like I was ready to do something more than the 9 to 5.

I watched some videos and figured out how to get into WordPress to begin building my blogging

However,  once I got into it, and looked around, It was like looking at something that was in a completely foreign language, and I didn’t even know where to start, I knew what I wanted to do, but didn’t have a clue how to even begin doing it. There were posts, pages, plugins, and a litany of other things that I wasn’t even close to understanding. Nothing was laid out in any kind of order as far as I could tell.

Since then, I have not done one thing. I became so frustrated and overwhelmed, trying to figure it all out. I came home from work in the evenings and just sat there staring at WordPress. Then I’d look at the dashboard, and toggle between the dashboard and my basically blank home screen, then go back to the dashboard, and sit there stunned.

What on this earth had I gotten myself into?

It was quite daunting, and right then, I knew I had bit off more than I could chew. I couldn’t believe how hard it really was.

(I did figure out how to **hyperlinkthe words Host Gator and WordPress and have them open in new windows so you could go to those websites and take a look at them if you liked, Yay for me!!)

After watching videos and reading books, blogs and articles about this, I realized – THEY LIED!!!

It may have been a piece of cake for them, but me, not so much. I honestly didn’t know what to do next, or where to go, and every piece of content I could get my hands on, seemed to say do something different than the last piece of content I read, or viewed. 

What was a person to do…so I just laid there for more than a month…


**How to Hyperlink certain words:

Once you have written words that you wish to hyperlink back
to a website or webpage

1.       Highlight word(s) and right click

2.       A dropdown box appears and choose hyperlink

3. A box appears with the location of the writing you are doing, and at the bottom an address box appears, this is where you put the URL of the website or webpage you want to link to.


and Kindest Regards for staying in touch!



Failure will never overtake
me if my determination

to succeed is strong

~Og Mandino


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